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 Our aim at Marcus Transport is to contribute a professional logistics service, ensuring the reliable delivery of our customers products at a cost-effective price. Our entire fleet is serviced on strict maintenance schedules, ensuring we only provide the most reliable commercial vehicles available; also, continual investment in new vehicles offers you the highest level of dependability.


We have our own in-house workshop and mechanics as well as 24 hour dedicated fleet support vehicles. This coupled with DAF Aid and ATS tyres ensures that our vehicles suffer the minimum amount of downtime. Our daily drops include London, Scotland, Midlands, North East, Lancashire, Kent, South Wales and East Anglia. All of our drivers are contactable 24 hours a day, giving up to the minute accuracy on their delivery schedule, allowing us to provide outstanding service to our clients.

The Direct Vision Standard (DVS) and safety permit for heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) requires operators of lorries over 12 tonnes gross vehicle weight to obtain a safety permit before entering and operating in most of Greater London. All of our vehicles are DVS compliant, ensuring low risk to vulnerable road users and maximising safety.



With a large fleet comprising everything from 1.2 tonnes to 44 tonnes in gross vehicle size, we can supply the most appropriate vehicle for any job.

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Our vans allow the fast, efficient and reliable delivery of smaller consignments. Offering easy access to local delivery locations, they provide the most efficient service for your most urgent requirements.

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Our 7.5 tonne vehicles have the capacity to carry up to 38 cubic metres or 12 standard pallets, making them ideal for express and multi drop deliveries of bulkier, light items. With their compact dimensions, they are perfect for short or longer journeys.

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Our 18 and 26 tonne vehicles allow us to provide a flexible and versatile service. These vehicles can carry heavier pallet loads whilst still easily accessing delivery locations. All of our 18 tonne vehicles are fitted with tail lifts, enabling self-unloading if required for pallets or plant equipment.


Our articulated tractor fleet is available with a wide range of different trailers, enabling a diverse range of services to suit your needs. These vehicles are available for full or part load deliveries as well as trunking and shunting services. We offer both curtain sider and flat bed work to suit your needs. A double decker service is available for deliveries on a larger scale. The double deckers are much taller than regular trailers with a hydraulic deck in the middle, for twice the space.

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